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Now we can host UISP for you, for free. The fastest, most convenient way to use UISP.
Host UISP yourself locally, without limitations. The way to go if you need control.
Host UISP locally
If your server is running Ubuntu 18.04 (64-bit), or Debian 9 (64-bit), you can install UISP by running the following command.
curl -fsSL > /tmp/ && sudo bash /tmp/
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Let your network and business grow
UISP now manages both your network and clients
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Manage your network with ease
One point of access
All your UISP, LTU, airMAX, airFiber (and more!) devices managed from one place.
Automatic topology overview
Zoom out to see your whole network. Topology views are created automatically for Ubiquiti devices, and can be easily adjusted for 3rd party devices.
Data to blow your mind and improve your network
UISP stores up to a year of data for all your devices. Use this data to easily identify whether an issue is recent or long-term; gradual or sudden; or affecting 1 or 100s of your clients.
Automatic client shaping
Setting up or upgrading a client’s plan? This can take just a few seconds. All you need to do is change the plan. The quality of service on the gateway will be set automatically.
Bulk and safe firmware updates
Schedule firmware upgrade for all the devices with one click and UISP will take care of the upgrade at the scheduled time. If a problem occurs, the process is automatically stopped so it can be diagnosed.
Smart password managing
Now it’s easy to have strong and unique passwords for all devices so you can stop worrying about that. UISP Mobile is also synced automatically, so logging in to any device is simple and seamless.
All the CRM tools you’ll need for your ISP business
Organize your clients and leads
From assigned plans and credit balance, to quotes sent to potential new customers, you’ll always know what’s up with your database.
Billing and recurring invoices
Customize tax rates per client (or service), invoice frequency, discounts… we could go on. Also, we handle invoice generation for you.
Automatic suspensions
Take full control over what happens when payments are overdue. Set up late fees, and service suspensions to be executed automatically.
Start optimizing your ISP
Get UISP for Free
Powerful mobile apps
We believed some things could be done much faster on a phone than on a laptop. Now we know.
Faster device setup
Connecting a new customer? You don’t need to open your laptop to set up an LTU or AirMAX CPE. Everything can be done in the UISP Mobile apps.
Hands-free antenna alignment
Enable sound feedback and align your airMAX or airFiber safely, without the need to constantly verify alignment on your phone.
Manage devices remotely
During setup, devices are added to UISP automatically. Immediately have visibility on the devices’ settings and main details from anywhere using the app.
Hear it from our users
You too can form part of the thriving UISP Community, the meeting point for similar-minded individuals with different levels of knowledge and expertise.

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Suspension and traffic shaping →
How to set up automatic traffic shaping, suspension and netflow ideally using Ubiquiti routers.
Supported devices →
Which devices are supported in UISP and what features are available for each of them.
Device Discovery →
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